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3. What position do you normally sleep in?

Usually on my stomach facing to my left using my arms to rest my in a triangle.  I have trouble sleeping if I don’t sleep that way.

12. How did you meet your best friend and why did you become friends?

So I have a couple best friends.  My first real best friend I made back in 8th grade in math class.  I was the new kid and he knew that.  So he invited me to be in his group for group assignments.  Looking back I wish I had been better friends with him at the time since he would later become my best friend in 10th grade.

My other best friend I met in October of 2011.  I was going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in LA.  One of my friends had his friend driving him and they let me hitch a ride since my other ride bailed.  I immediately thought he was cute.  I spent the whole night pretending to be more scared than I actually was just so I had an excuse to hold on to him.  Turns out he’s straight but he’s still a very good friend of mine.  And also the first person I really had feelings for.

My Berkeley best friend I met earlier this year.  It was at a frat rush event and I turned around and I saw him.  Cute guy and I pretty much just wanted the D.  Went up and talked to him for a good bit.  And while I was trying to get at him, I grew to like him as a friend.  To be honest, I actually really do like him romantically.  Turns out he’s straight too.

The one common thread among my best friends is that they’re all straight and at some point, I was/am romantically interested in them.

15. Things about someone you find attractive.

Well this goes back to my choice of friends and how I came to like them all romantically.  Tend to be geeky, nerdy, around my body build and physique (I don’t want to be overly dominated), sweet, smart, kind, and last but not least, I want them to be able to understand me.  That’s probably means that most to me.

19. Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved around the LA Area.

22. Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person?

Yes of course.  I would love to meet tralfamadore2o9 but he’s hasn’t been able to meet me when he comes to the Bay Area.

29. What’s a strange talent you have?

Sadly, I consider myself rather talentless.  I don’t meant to say that I’m useless or anything.  But I’m just a soon to be young professional so I don’t have any interesting talents.

31. Why did one of your friendships end?

My best friend from 8th grade and I stopped talking for a year and half after high school.  I used his phone to post a status on Facebook “outing” him.  He’s straight but he has a very conservative family.  It was a joke that went wrong and he took a lot of flak cause it.  I broke his trust and it took a long time for us to repair that.  It was entirely my fault though and we’re friends again.

33. Why did your last relationship end?

Never been in a relationship.  Just came out last summer and now I’m crushing after a straight guy so that doesn’t help.

40. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

I was really confused this morning cause I feel asleep in my best friend’s bed last night for a bit and I was confused on how I got to my bed.  I live next door to him in our house.  So that was my first thought and my second one was of him and how I wish I could curl up with him.